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About Our Agency

Marion Urcan founded Centerpointe Insurance Services in 1987 with the concept of specializing in just three business industries; Towing, Auto Transporters and Collateral Recovery operations.  She believed that specialization was the future for the independent insurance agency.  Since then, Centerpointe has grown to be one of the largest insurers of Towing, Auto Transporters and Collateral Recovery operations in the nation.  To best serve our clients, the staff at Centerpointe are committed to an exceptional level of expertise and devotion to customer service.  Always striving to be agile in this fast paced business environment, Centerpointe is re-inventing its way of doing business.  By looking at what is really important to our clients, we are now focusing on risk assessment and adding true value to our business relationships.  A few of the many services we offer to our clients include complete risk assessments, free handbook and IIPP reviews and recommendations, free unlimited consultations with professional business experts, attorneys and accountants, and workers compensation X - mod analysis.  Centerpointe's commitment is to establish a meaningful relationship with all our clients, based on mutual trust and integrity.